US Department of Labor Occupational Outlook

2 Dec 2003 - 1:31pm
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Stacy Surla

In the "Designers" category - which I think describes the process pretty
well - I think IxD is Industrial Design much more than it is Graphic Design.
Or, alternately, over in the "Computer Software Engineers" category, it would fit under Computer Applications
Software Engineers. (The median salary is higher over there, by the way.)
Of course, IxD is some of all of this.


David wrote:
> Beth, I actually don't think IA's and Usability experts belong on the page
> that Challis linked us to, which is specific to "Designers".

Beth wrote:

>Web designers do exist, though the DOL lumps them in with
>"Systems Analysts, Computer Scientists, and Database Administrators."

Stacy Surla
Information Architect/Web Producer
Aspen Systems Corp

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