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24 Jun 2008 - 7:40am
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Michele Marut

Many thanks to Fit Associates Marc Rettig, Jenna Date, and Dana Pruszynski
for hosting and presenting the IXDA Pittsburgh June Meeting on June 18.
With approximately 30 attendees, this event had the highest turnout for IxDA
Pittsburgh. Jenna and Marc engaged the audience in how nurturing client and
team relationships improves designs and creates ripples that go beyond the
single project. The presentation was followed by the audience actively
discussing questions submitted by attendees.

*Questions of Most Interest to Attendees:*

· How do you know (guess) that the ripples you are creating are the
right ones?

· What does "sustainable" mean if you are limited to designing a
software application?

· How do you convince stakeholders, subject matter experts, etc.
that they aren't the users?

· What can Pittsburgh designers do to give back to the community?
How can we work together?

Have a great summer and look for the next IxDA Pittsburgh event in the Fall.

If you have ideas about event topics, locations or would like to join the
planning sessions please contact me at mmarut15 at gmail.com

Michele Marut
IxDA Local Ambassador for Pittsburgh

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