[PLUG] Adaptive Path's UX Week 2008; Fundamentals, Service, Play, and The Future

25 Jun 2008 - 1:44pm
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Peter Merholz

IxDA folks--

A plug for Adaptive Path's UX Week 2008, taking place August 12-15 in
San Francisco.

Early registration ends June 30.

Each day covers a distinct aspect of UX design and practice:
* Day 1: Fundamentals of User Experience
* Day 2: Service and Media Design
* Day 3: Play and Immersion
* Day 4: The Future of User Experience

You can sign up for any collection of days.

We've got amazing speakers such as Don Norman, Jane McGonigal, Bruce
Sterling, Jeff Veen, and Jesse James Garrett, and speakers from
interesting companies such as Pixar, iRobot, Current TV, Zipcar,
TheDailyShow.com, and the Exploratorium.

Use the promotional code FOPM and get 15% off the registration price!


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