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27 Jun 2008 - 3:49pm
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Cindy Alvarez

Hi list -
I'm doing a very quick survey for a Facebook application I'm working on. I
don't need a lot of responses, but it would be great to have responses
quickly and from some people who are "not like me".

If you can *forward *the survey to ONE person you know who is *NOT a
techie/software industry person* and ask them to complete it today, that
would be a huge help (and I'd be happy to return the favor for you any time
in the future.) They don't necessarily have to be an existing Facebook
user but probably shouldn't be the kind of person who has never heard of

It's an 8-question survey and all participants who complete the survey will
be entered in a drawing to win one of two $15 gift certificates.

Here's the link:*

Cindy Alvarez
The Experience is the Product -

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