Secondary Research Methods

7 Jul 2008 - 2:24pm
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Stephanie McNee

First time post!

Recently I've been reading / hearing / conversing about how to
identify your target demographic and what constitutes secondary
research and the difference between that and marketing.

I have heard several different views from clients / contractors and
employers from basically - the company does user research for
everything including information serach into the broad scope to
identify demographics and revenue - to that of marketing who
identifies the demographic and user researchers "deep dive" into the
user types, tasks etc.

Does anyone have any views on this? What should be defined by
marketing and what is secondary research? Who should define the scope
of users e.g. for our website we are targeting X user type? and what
happens when the scope is very broad? What would constitute reliable
secondary research when no marketing is available?

Just a few thoughts to get the ball rolling ;)

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