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20 Oct 2004 - 6:43pm
11 years ago
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I've been getting the NextD Journal email notifications via email for some
months now. Once in a while, I'll go read an article or two. But they tend
to be a bit meandering and fuzzy for me. Is anybody else reading NextD
Journal? Am I missing anything substantial by not paying it more attention?


Nullius in Verba


21 Oct 2004 - 6:35am
Dave Malouf

Hi Ziya,

I don't think I have an answer for you about this. All I know is that I
enjoy reading these articles. I haven't read the latest one yet (printing it
for my commute now).

I have taken a NextD workshop and the focus of the journal and the point of
NextD in general is to advocate for changes in design education so that
Designers don't loose their spot at the x-functional table of innovation.

Much of the articles are in interview format and usually where they loose me
is when I see the interviewer preaching before their question. Otherwise
though I have learned a lot about design education and sometimes about
general design theory. Usually the interviews are very short and manageable
reads (low investment) I see as my printer is still twirling a way that this
one is very long (some 50 pages).

-- dave

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