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10 Jul 2008 - 4:17pm
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Will Parker

Recently, one of our folks ran across an interesting study by Doug
Schumacher that suggested that CTA buttons in web advertising (e.g.
'Learn More', 'Buy Now') were counter-productive, and not just in a
small way.

Overview http://tinyurl.com/no-cta-01
Test results http://tinyurl.com/no-cta-02

Favorite take-away: "...When we make a call-to-action that states
'Click Here' or 'Learn More', we're quite possibly putting a
parenthetical 'stupid' right next to it."

We'd like to move one of our clients toward No-CTA designs, but we're
having an incredibly hard time finding similar research findings to
convince the client. Admittedly, web advertising is not on the front
line of UX innovation, but I'm quite surprised that no-one else has
done formal testing along this line and published same.

So. Anybody got any more data on web advertising without the stupider
variety of CTA buttons? Educated opinion and entertaining anecdotes
also accepted (from this audience, anyway).

Thanks in advance!


Will Parker
wparker at channelingdesign.com

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