Seeking user experience copywriter (SF, contractor)

14 Jul 2008 - 4:44pm
8 years ago
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Cindy Alvarez

Hi all -
I'm looking for someone who can come in and help me craft some concise,
easy-to-read instructions and inline text for a registration workflow and
some web-based administration pages.

I'm pretty happy with our workflows, but writing great copy isn't my
specialty. I'm not looking for "marketing-ese" -- my focus in on simple,
usable, understandable, "even if you don't read you'll still get it" copy.

My company is located in San Francisco, but it's not necessary for you to be
on-site. Ideally I'd work with you like this: initial call or meeting to
walk through what screens we have, then you go off and write great copy,
with IM/email/phone followups as needed to answer your questions.

Email me if you're interested, or feel free to forward on if you know
someone who would be great. Please include your hourly rate, or some info
on how you 'size' projects if you charge flat rate.

Cindy Alvarez


14 Jul 2008 - 5:36pm
Sarah Selser

Hey Guys,

I'm looking for interesting examples of list ordering patterns (drag
and drop, etc.).


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