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14 Jul 2008 - 1:10am
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I'm curious about "checkout". Is anyone else also interested in this,
or am I the nerd at the party right now?

I've experienced some good and some not so good (ok, I'll say it: horrible).

Most recently I've been impressed with the checkout experience offered
by the out-the-box design in Magento (a free, open-source online
shopping system).

It appears to be a "one-page" checkout, showing you right off the bat
that there are 6 things to go over during checkout (maybe a bit much for
the top-level steps in the process): 1. Checkout Method, 2. Billing
Information, 3. Shipping Information, 4. Shipping Method, 5. Payment
information and 6. Order Review.

You find that each step is short and sweet as you're walked through the
process and the forms are free of clutter.

I'm thinking of adopting this as my current template for basic checkout
process. Has anyone else on the list dabbled with ecommerce and
checkout, or even Magento?

Comments on your "dream checkout"?

Mike Caskey

Denver Colorado

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