Should interaction designer produce code...(Formally: Open Position: Sr. Interaction Designer @ MITRE)

21 Oct 2004 - 12:22am
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Interaction design is not developing HTML, Forms,

It is about understanding

Ø Who are users?

Ø What they really want (goals, tasks)?

Ø Where application will be used (application context)?

One of our clients wanted to develop a Sales Management System,

analyzing the context helped us to develop trimmed down version for Sales
People who are in move.

Actually this is not in his original proposal.

Ø How the application should interact. ?

Ø Understand the Device, and define the interaction, every device has
its own limitation,

We can't have the same interaction in Desktop, and PDA for solving the same

We can always work with designer/programmer to develop quality prototypes,
which can be used in the implementation


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enough to know they were impossible. ***

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> Prady Rai:
> > So, I hear you advocating the same thing that Interaction Designers
> > should control developers, in all those situations? Where's the
> > conflict?
> Let me get at this from an historical perspective: what are the trends?
> On the one side, we have IDEs that make it increasingly easier for
> developers to create UIs. On the other side, we have tools that allow
> designers to prototype evermore complex apps.
> The former, unfortunately, lulls developers and managers alike into
> that putting widgets on a window pretty much amounts to app/interaction
> design. That's the genesis for all the thousands of VB-based intranet apps
> and the gazillion ads you see for Java GUI Designers who'll spend 95% of
> their time coding UI components. The fact that there's much, much more to
> UCD than UI coding escapes this contingent.
> The latter group is in turn hampered by the slow progression of
> tools and designers' general lack of understanding of technical issues.
> For the first decade of the web, the former group absolutely dominated the
> scene. I'm arguing that we won't get to the promised UCD land by making
> "designers" out of developers. I'm betting on designers getting technical
> enough to do their own prototypes and understanding production
> We have historical examples for this. Many print designers and film
> to cite two recent ones, had a hard time at the start of the DTP and
> video revolutions: the technical people at the production-end of the
> process often dictated the terms. Slowly, tools became more friendly and
> designers themselves came to understand technical constraints far better.
> Today the design process at a publishing house or an ad agency doesn't
> with a discussion on pre-press or post-production editing issues, with a
> tech guy telling them what they should be doing.
> Now, I'm *not* saying that "Interaction Designers should control
> at all. The manager of developers should control developers. Designers
> should drive the design process from concept to prototype. That's a matter
> of vision, focus and priorities more than anything else.
> Ziya
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