Job - seeking designer to help with data display

25 Jul 2008 - 4:11pm
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Hi -

I am looking for someone for the following job. I think it will be
pretty fun (I’m a jealous that I don’t have time to do all the work
myself, but will be working with the designer). We will be gathering
the requirements, so I'm mostly looking for someone to work in a
graphic design capacity, although if they can effectively help with
the research in this short a time frame, that would definitely not be
a minus.

Seeking a talented graphic designer with data visualization/
information design (and preferably UI/interaction design) experience
to help design graphics for web-based system. The goal is to present
system data in a way that will help/speed decision making. Dashboard
design experience a plus. Flash experience a plus. Fans of Tufte,
please apply. For visual references see NY Times interactive features,
Google stock charts, etc. Freelance for 1-2 months. Transition to
fulltime a possibility.

If you're not looking but know someone, I'd appreciate leads as well.
You can send portfolio links and resumes right to me at this address.
Might want to put IXDA in the subject so I can easily spot them among
the enormous number of unqualified applicants flooding in from the big
job boards.

thanks –


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