Interaction Design, should it be a part ofProduct Management or Development? (Was should interaction designersproduce code...)

22 Oct 2004 - 5:38pm
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Dave Malouf

> And until that happens, designers and the notion of UCD will always be
> dominated by other priorities. Our ultimate goal should be
> the recognition
> of designers as the drivers of the product design process...not the
> marketing people, not the developers...designers.

Yup, u b right ... But ...

I think that there is definitely a trend to be moving in this direction.
This can't just happen. We have to earn our stripes and we need to work with
the best allies we can find in the organization. Sometimes this will be dev,
sometimes it will be marketing. I find it is usually marketing b/c they
already have a relationship to "design" in the collateral and advertising
they deploy. They also understand 30k foot views, which dev tends not to
care about as they are the fodder for the war in most organizations and the
jobs most certain to be shipped to India real soon.

By building relationships you can grow out of your nesting. By thinking of
product management as the already existing bridge between marketing and
development it is a good spot to be. It is almost like being the gatekeeper
in a way. Marketing can't communicate directly to Dev ... They have to go
through Prod Mngt. And if you are in that area you get to be communicating
both upstream and downstream in the product lifecycle.

Cultural change is a long process (yet another reason that many designers
just give-up on the whole in-house thang!).

-- dave


22 Oct 2004 - 9:17pm

David Heller:

> I think that there is definitely a trend to be moving in this direction.
> This can't just happen.

We need it by Tue 3:35 PM, Dave. :-)

I guarantee that management is not going to wake up one morning and deliver
a design department to you. Now, today, yesterday, is as good a time as any
to advocate for a design department that's not subjugated to either
developers or marketers. But, you, as the designer, have to make the case
for it: how it will positively impact the company and why it's a good
investment. If you can't show that UCD can and should trump CPA and CPU,
then nobody will follow; if you can, however, then you should make sure
you're in a legitimately earned position to drive the design process.

Yes, I'm wearing my (long-term) advocate hat.

Nullius in Verba

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