adding nodes to a navigation tree?

28 Jul 2008 - 2:39pm
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For an intranet application I am working on, there is a navigation tree. It
looks similar to this one:

Users must be able to add nodes to it. The nodes could be added anywhere,
not just at the end of an existing level. I can think of a few ways to
accomplish this and none of them seem too satisfying:

- create "add here" buttons before and after each existing node.

- have users select an existing node and then choose whether they want to
add their node "before or after" (or "above or below").

- have users select a level to add to, and then the order within that level
as a second step.

What would you think is the best practice here? Any other ideas I am
missing? Any examples out there that I could look at?



28 Jul 2008 - 4:37pm
Bob Sampson

Context menu. They can right click on nodes or links in the nodes to
"Add New Item Here".

And in the tree itself when they make it, they can drag and drop
their item it in it's siblings, or even drag it out into it's
parents, or even deeper into it's child tree nodes.

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29 Jul 2008 - 10:00am

We're designing similar trees and have the drag and drop which Bob
indicated, (context sensitive menus are great as well, we don't have them

One comment regarding simplifying node creation and subsequent placement
within tree; "Create Node" only as a child below the "on-focus node". This
would imply that you wold need a single top level "system node" in order to
create the highest level node. This seems to be reasonably standard
interaction, (see "Window Explorer").


Joseph Rich Rogan
President UX/UI Inc.

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