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29 Jul 2008 - 4:17pm
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Agata Kijanka

Our client, the "most successful software company in the world", is
seeking a Product Interaction Model Designer to partner with a team that
works with one of the company's most famous products. This position is
"the big-time" - highly visible, highly challenging, and highly
rewarding. While it's a contract position, it is sure to have a lasting
impact on the career of the chosen candidate. After all, these products
are used by hundreds of millions of people! The position will help the
team understand (through user research - both marketing focus groups and
1:1 usability sessions) appropriate interaction models for the next
version of the software. The candidate will work with the illustrator
(static Photoshop illustrations and dynamic Flash prototypes) to deliver
the prototypes and mock-ups and drive research and testing. Finally, the
interaction designer will be handing off the requirements to the
engineering teams around the proposed implementation of the functional

The job:
- Taking customer research and translating it into interaction concepts
- Driving brainstorms with the marketing and engineering teams to
develop innovative interaction models
- Documenting interfaces - perhaps in Visio or PowerPoint
- Working with illustrators in the team to create mock-ups
- Testing basic mockups, updating the interaction
- Improving the look and feel of certain web experiences, marketing
landing pages
- Storyboarding the user experience, screen-by-screen
- Assisting the user research with "what-if" and "A-B testing" mock-ups
- Delivering concepts to the engineering teams and working with the team
through implementation

The team:
- The team has in-the-box products (that a billion customers - or
800,000,000 PCs - receive regularly) and web assets. They regularly
deliver marketing - most of it online - to a worldwide audience. This
team is one of the most fun and exciting groups to work with, with some
of the highest workgroup satisfaction index scores.

The skills:
- Strong foundation in HCI and prototyping concepts (from paper
prototyping to high-fidelity prototyping)
- Excellent familiarity with Jakob Nielsen's usability heuristics
- Solid understand of heuristic reviews, cognitive walk-throughs,
usability studies, etc
- Decent hand-drawing / sketching abilities
- Web and in-the-box software UI experience
- Program management and collaboration skills
- Brainstorm organization skills

The "pluses":
- Flash prototyping skills
- Photoshop skills

The details:
- We are looking for someone who is available for at least nine months,
up to a year.
- You will receive access to a no-cost health plan option, a 401k with
immediate vesting, and many other perks you would be hard-pressed to
come by as a contractor anywhere else. Our company has resources, and we
are happy to share.
- The job would require presence on site and active collaboration with
team members.
- The candidate should be familiar with rapid design techniques and
should be comfortable with "over the shoulder collaboration."
- Candidates must have excellent samples/portfolio that clearly shows
the abilities being asked for. The candidate should be ready to bring a
USB memory stick with files and/or printed samples if interviewed by our

Interested? Send resume and samples to: JobsAK at Work will be
reviewed and qualified applicants will be contacted within 48 hours.

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29 Jul 2008 - 5:56pm

I didn't know Apple has an office in Redmond :-)

~ will

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