ANN: Nathan Shedroff's new "book in progress" on sustainable design

30 Jul 2008 - 12:06pm
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Louis Rosenfeld

(apologies for duplicate postings)

I'm excited to announce that Nathan Shedroff, author of "Experience
Design" and co-author of "Making Meaning," has begun work on "Design
is the Problem: The Future of Design Must be Sustainable" for
Rosenfeld Media.

Sustainable design is clearly a timely, critical topic. The design
world makes a tremendous impact on the produced world in terms of
usability, resources used, and understanding of priorities. Designers
have an unprecedented opportunity to use their skills to make
meaningful, sustainable change in the world—if they know how to focus
their skills, time, and agendas. In "Design is the Problem," Nathan
will examine how the endemic culture of design creates unsustainable
solutions, and will help designers bake sustainability into their
design processes.

You can learn more and engage with Nathan at his book-in-progress
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Please pass this along; many thanks!

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