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31 Jul 2008 - 10:52am
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Vanessa Karis

Hi Everyone,

Below is a job description for an Interaction Designer in NYC. This is
with a top firm-growing rapidly.

My contact information is beneath the job description. Please call me
asap if your interested. Buzz my cell or send an email.


Interaction Designer - Consultant

As an Interaction Designer you will play a key role in helping to design
future applications. You will join a unique design team to create the
next generation of products and services.

What is an Interaction Designer?

Interaction Designers generate design ideas to meet user goals. They
then turn those ideas into detailed form and behavior specifications
that are used by our technology teams to build and test our
applications. Interaction Designers collaborate with Design
Communicators to lead the User Experience design process.


You will be responsible for leading the design of product form
and behavior. Your focus will be on the behavior and interaction of the

You will collaborate with visual designers to create visually
pleasing, on-brand experiences.

You will collaborate with teammates to conduct stakeholder and
user research. You will use this research to create requirements and
problem definitions. You will capture this knowledge in a variety of
forms and models, including personas, scenarios, and requirements.

You will create deliverables to communicate your design work.
Depending on the stage of the project and the need, this may include
sketches, drawings, diagrams, low-resolution prototypes, wireframes,
storyboards and any other medium you feel will be effective.

Key Qualifications

Empathy: You are curious about how other people work, live, and think,
you will enjoy meeting the users of our products, and thinking about
design by visualizing yourself as one who will use it.

Creativity: You have the ability to generate numerous potential
solutions to a problem. More importantly, interaction designers can
screen out bad ideas and identify good ones. In our design environment,
a designer needs the ability to brainstorm without ego attachment to any
particular idea.

Superb communication skills: You can communicate broad concepts as well
as fine detail through written and graphical media. You can convey
design solutions through sketches and visualizations, as well as through

A quick study: You have the ability to understand complex systems and
processes, both software-based and in the real world. You will be
required to digest and understand the many complex factors that govern
equity trading, from social and peer norms to a multinational regulatory
environment. You will be able to successfully navigate those factors as
you create design solutions.

Outstanding collaboration skills: You are an ego-less and effortless
collaborator. You welcome ideas from any source, and are prepared to
build on them to make the work of your team successful.

Other Qualifications

3 - 5 years experience designing graphical interfaces;

Strong written, visual, and verbal communication skills;

Firm grasp of basic visual design principles and practices;

Strong analytical skills;

Strong presentation skills;

Solid understanding of technology and the product development

Comfortable with common design tools like Photoshop and InDesign.

Formal training in Interaction Design, HCI, or related
disciplines is a plus

Experience in the financial services industry a plus

Vanessa Karis

Silver Search Inc.

Office: 201-947-7050 x 115

Cell: 973-495-1578

Fax: 201-947-7060

Please, let's connect:

<mailto:Vanessa.Karis at>

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