JOB: Multi-Touch Interaction Designer (SF Bay Area, USA), Stimulant (Contract, 3-6 mo.)

31 Jul 2008 - 12:36pm
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Nathan Moody

We're Stimulant, and we're looking for local (San Francisco Bay Area)
contract/freelance interaction designers for multi-touch projects, (future
full-time work is a potential but not a requirement for applicants).
Stimulant is a boutique interaction design and development studio that
creates digital experiences for computers that don't look like computers.
>From multi-touch to mobile, from touchwalls to surface computing, our goal
is to put the wonder and magic back into the human-computer interface. We're
based in San Francisco, and we're looking for folks to work in the area and
be onsite for meetings. Our culture of technical creatives and creative
technologists revolves around participation, transparency, taking on hard
challenges, and having as much fun as possible.

Our ideal interaction designer tells stories with flowcharts, diagrams,
storyboards, and wireframes. We're looking for those rare designers who can
create new interaction paradigms while knowing when the wheel might work
well enough without reinvention. Our interaction designers tend not to get
too far into old-school information architecture as one might find at Web
agencies, and tend not to branch into user research as much as you might
find at larger firms. But our interaction designers have some experience
with both. Of course, they're also strong user advocates who balance
technical constraints and business needs with direct, natural interactions
that are findable and discoverable.

Our standards are high. We're informal and casual in the shop, but all our
team members can turn on that professional demeanor on demand. Ability to
tell the mile-high story while annotating every button and feature is
critical. Our interaction designers care deeply about the aesthetics of all
deliverables, without needing to be actual visual designers. If your
wireframes are as gorgeous as they are meaningful, that's a positive sign.

Over 5 years of IA or IxD experience is required, ideally in areas beyond
the Web (touch, mobile, applications, data viz, etc.). Deep expertise with
Microsoft Visio is mandatory, experience with OmniGraffle and Illustrator is
ideal, and broader software expertise is even better. Client-facing
experience is great, but not a requirement. Device and software experience
is preferable over Web experience. We want designers who are as inspired by
movies, architecture, and other disciplines as they are by interface design.
Beyond that, our ideal Interaction Designer has got to be a great human:
We're going to value communication skills as much as design ability.

Feeling it? Email your resume to jobs-013 at, and let's talk.
Learn more about us at
s t i m u l a n t
Nathan Moody, Design Director

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