JOB: Sr. Interaction Designer (Portland, OR) Ziba Design

4 Aug 2008 - 2:24pm
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Bill DeRouchey

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Ziba is looking for a Senior Interaction Designer who will join our
Portland, Oregon based Interaction Design (IxD) team. The right
designer will have experience across a broad spectrum of applications,
with a targeted interest in product development. If you love to
concept, design, and prototype in the space where consumer behavior,
client brand, digital and physical interfaces meet, if the following
sounds like you, please say hello. We want to talk to you.

You've been around the design block a few times. You started as a
visual designer in the web in the 90s and built some cool stuff. You
sought the limitations and walked through them. You designed for
beauty, yet the product still worked with elegance. But over time you
yearned for other challenges. You began looking at products and tried
to figure them out. You questioned your alarm clock and knew it could
be made better. You wanted to make things that people could hold, push
and fall in love with.

Or maybe you did begin with products and started as an industrial
designer. You likely went to a design school and experimented with
form. You rendered toasters or cars or chairs. But over time you
wanted to design how the product worked, not just looked. You asked,
what if a cell phone behaved like this? Your questions changed from
"how many buttons go on this watch?" to "what buttons does this watch
need to work elegantly?"

Either way, you ended up as an interaction designer. You work in that
hybrid zone that overlaps the look, behavior, and structure of a
thing. You like to figure things out, make them better, make them even
better, and then make them sing. You have a hard time explaining to
your family what you really do.

That's us too.

The IxD team at Ziba is a group with a varied background in visual,
industrial, and motion design, film and video, information
architecture, hardware prototyping, and the web. We believe all these
skills contribute to making a product that you fall in love with.

Here's what we are looking for from a Senior Interaction Designer:

* Broad experience in interaction strategy, including interface/UI
Design, communication design, information architecture, customer
research and the construction of software and hardware prototypes.

* The ability to consolidate foundational information, including input
from research, information architecture, other design disciplines, and
senior creative staff.

* An aptitude for translating client needs and brand characteristics
into authentic interface solutions.

* Flexible skills in interaction design, with applications to both
physical/digital products and interaction/graphic communications.

* A demonstrated design sensibility and a knack for producing
effective, engaging interaction prototypes.

* An advanced knowledge of hardware and software technologies and the
ability to articulate how they can impact interaction design.

* Experience mentoring junior team members to help them build their skills.

* Proven communication and presentation skills.

* To enjoy the relaxed, progressive attitude of the Pacific Northwest.

* The successful candidate must have a BS/BA or BFA in a relevant
field and 4-6 years experience in Interaction Design.

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