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22 Aug 2008 - 4:42pm
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Design Communicator

New York,NY

As a Design Communicator you will play a key role in helping to design
future applications for our client. You will join a unique design team to
create the next generation of our client's products and services.


* You will be responsible for leading the communication of product
form and behavior. This includes creating formal written requirements and
specification documents, as well as other less formal and more evocative
documents intended to communicate the vision of the products you are

* You will act as a design analyst. In this role you will lead in the
development of design requirements and problem definition. You will conduct
stakeholder and user interviews and observations and other research. You
will use this knowledge to create requirements and problem definitions. You
will represent this knowledge in a variety of forms and models, including
personas, scenarios, goal and task models.

* You will act as a design editor, evaluator, and facilitator. Working
with designers on your team, you will ensure the appropriateness,
usefulness, usability, and general goodness of the design solutions that
your team creates. You will be responsible for testing the design through
scenarios, looking for inconsistencies, missing elements, and poorly
articulated reasoning.

Key Qualifications

* Empathy
* Mental agility and persistence
* A quick study
* Excellent Writing Skills
* Outstanding Collaboration and Facilitation Skills
* Strong Organizational Skills

Other Qualifications

* 3 - 5 years experience as a Design Communicator or related
* Experience in the field of User Experience or related disciplines
* Excellent communication (both written and verbal) skills
* Strong analytical skills
* Strong presentation skills
* Solid understanding of technology and the product development
* Experience as a business analyst or technical writer is a plus
* Experience in the financial services industry a plus

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Veena Gowthamchand

Recruiting Coordinator

Ph: 210.614.4187

Fax: 210-745-1631 <>


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