Collaboration: Presentations from the Boston IxDA nanoConference

26 Aug 2008 - 2:44pm
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Boston IxDA

Boston IxDA is pleased to announce the release of the collaboration based
presentations from our nanoConference earlier this year...

Collaboration is a key skill-set for any designer and we had a number of
perspectives on the importance on communicating effectively with other
members of our teams

Ian Muir gave a very witty breakdown of the Designer-Developer relationship.
He had the audience laughing and nodding sagely at the same time.
Essentially its about understanding the gaps in the respective roles to
avoid miscommunication.

Juhan Sonin gave his insights on how to inject design principles into an
Open Source project: Lime Survey. He covers how to engage & educate the
team and measure success.

Jeremy Merle & David Adler walked through collaboration in Agile. The main
take away was to plan ahead, gather feedback and foster collaboration from
team members to truly get the most from the sprints.

Regards /pauric

IxDA Boston organisers: Lisa, Jesse, Harun, Juhan & Pauric
local site:

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