Develop your sketching skills in NYC

2 Sep 2008 - 1:05pm
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Victor Lombardi

In Bill Buxton's landmark book 'Sketching User Experiences,' he not only
teaches us about sketching, he argues that sketching is the archetypal
activity of design -- an action central to design thinking and learning.
By illustrating the nuances of sketches, he illustrates how "it takes the
same kind of learning to acquire the skills to converse fluently with a
sketch as it takes to learn to speak in any other foreign language."

Dave Malouf and I agree, and to help others acquire this skill we decided
to hold a workshop in New York called 'Sketching for Interaction Design.'
Taught by Dave, it's scheduled for Friday, October 17. We'll provide
sketch pads, pencils, and lunch, and dig in for a full day of
refining our sketching skills. I hope other IxDA members can join us:


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