NYC face to face interest?

4 Dec 2003 - 9:47am
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Dave Malouf

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Hey there,

I know it is the holiday season and all, and people might be busy, but I for
now want to at least get a sense of who on this list is in the NYC area.
To answer that question, ask yourself if you would be willing to come to
Manhattan (or other borough) for a face 2 face meeting once a quarter from
where you reside or work. If the answer is yes, then let me know.

Other people are going to taken on organizing Face to face meetings for
other geographic regions next year (not that far away), but I thought I
would try to hear from folks here. Nothing is planned as of yet.

When you reply, and please only reply to me personallyat
dave at , let me know if you are interested, where you
currently work/reside, and what types of events would interest you to come
to a face to face meeting.

Thank you,
-- dave

David Heller
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to connect \\ AIM: bolinhanyc
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