[IxDA-SF EVENT] Breathing Life into Buildings: Interaction Design for Physical Spaces

10 Sep 2008 - 10:14am
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dani malik

Hello friends!

We're very excited about the cross-discipline nature of our next
event. We've invited two speakers, Emily Golembiewski from HOK Advance
Strategies and Bryan Walker from IDEO to talk about interaction design
for the physical realm. It's sure to be an enlightening and inspiring
evening -- hope to see you there!


-- the IxDA-SF team



Wednesday September 24, 2008 at 6:30pm

* Please note: you MUST RSVP on our Google form so that Adobe Security
has information for attendees.

A hospital orderly walks 17 miles in the course of their workday. A
city neighborhood houses multiple churches, but no place for Sunday
brunch. Both scenarios present challenges that are emotional,
functional and familiar. How do these challenges– the navigation of a
hospital and the life of a city neighborhood - provide opportunities
to design a better experience and shift the meaning of a place?

This event explores a human-centered approach to designing physical
spaces, and the ways in which an environment passively or actively
guides movement and punctuates it with memorable moments. Two
complementary speakers will explore an interaction design approach to
studying and designing the built environment.

Designing for Moments
Bryan Walker of Ideo’s Smart Space practice will talk about the human
scale, using examples from hospitality and retail to show how an
environment can create a moment with meaning and resonance.

Systems Thinking
Emily Golembiewski of HOK Architecture and Engineering’s Advance
Strategies consulting group will talk about buildings as a system with
its own language and grammar to guide navigation and flow. Examples
from healthcare and workplace will illustrate how the building can
guide users to the moments in Bryan’s talk.

Together, these talks illustrate a model of orchestrated navigation
punctuated by moments that matter. The model is directly applicable to
interaction design. After the talks, there will be a discussion about
the exchange between built environment and virtual environments – from
diagnostics to design, including influencing factors and stark

Bryan Yuji Walker joined IDEO's Palo Alto offices in 1999, and is a
Practice Lead for Smart Space. His work focuses on brand experiences
for clients as diverse as Nike and the Cleveland Clinic. His designs
have been featured in BusinessWeek and The Wall Street Journal and
exhibited in the Smithsonian. He has been a speaker at a variety of
conferences on design, storytelling, retail and hospitality. Outside
of work he can be found exploring the California coastline or battling
his aging Victorian home.

Emily Golembiewski is a consultant in HOK’s Advance Strategies
practice. Her work focuses on a research-based approach to
architectural practice, and has been applied to a variety of projects,
including airports, hospitals and workplaces in the U.S., Middle East,
Africa and Asia Pacific. Clients include HP, Apple and Cisco. Emily
has also been active in arts education, curating a gallery exhibit at
UCLA on alternative models of architectural discourse, teaching
architecture to 4th graders and developing the store concept for the
826LA tutoring center, which featured a time travel supply store with
the slogan “Whenever you are, we’re already then”.

6:30 pm – Socializing with light refreshments and Hiring Salon
(employers/recruiters, bring job descriptions to share)

7:00 pm – Presentation

This event is FREE and open to the public.

Brought to you by IxDA-SF and Adobe.

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