JOB: NYC: Freelance (onsite) for IA, UX Lead, Content Strategists (jr/sr/lead), UX-recruiter (JWG)

12 Sep 2008 - 1:53pm
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Joanne Weaver

Hi IxDAers! Apologies for cross-post. These jobs are hot-cross-buns HOT.

Got a slew of freelance jobs from one of my longstanding interactive
advertising clients in Chelsea Markets----it's a good place to work--- very
UX-geared with some robust projects you can really sink your teeth into,
cool folks, interesting projects, and awesome location (all the cookies +
brownies you could possibly want are all downstairs, and there's a very open
+ airy store-and-restaurant downstairs too). good portfolio fodder for sure.

All roles are for mobile/electronics client's global website build launch.

Starts asap and last through December.


__UX Lead__: Very senior; very client facing yet hands on, and can lead
small teams.

__IA__: midlevel. Must have clean + robust wireframes, sitemaps, etc to

__Content Strategy Lead__: most senior content strategist. Should be able to
do editing/content creation. Experience with taxonomies, metadata are
plusses. If this person's been a copywriter in a former life, all the
better. Knowing Filemaker Pro is a plus.

__Sr Content Strategist__: more jr. than the lead but still a sr level
position. Knowing Filemaker Pro is a plus.

__2 Jr Content Strategists__: pays $25/hr tops. Must have Excel skills, be
able to move content around, good handle on English language (English BA/MA
is a plus!), smart, motivated. Not an admin position per se but is fairly
junior. Great way to get your foot in the agency door.


Sites will be in 14 diff languages. Depending on country, the client site
will be slightly different, so they've got teams working in tandem on each
site to launch them all together simultaneously. They like folks with very
detailed work + who thrive on documentation---not so much they get bogged
down, but they need to be able to produce detailed, meaningful and
thoughtful work. Folks coming out of marketing-only agencies (banners,
microsites) will not fly---they need major website build experience.

interested? (if you've already interviewed w/ me before, please reach out +
let me know you're avail; i'm not meaning to overlook you; just haulin'

email joanne (at) joanneweavergroup (dot) com

joanne at

please refer folks you think would be great! I would appreciate it!

Yours in UX love,


Joanne Weaver


The Joanne Weaver Group

UX + Creative Talent Acquisition


+1 917 623 9369

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