[IXDA-WATERLOO EVENT] Innovation in Action: Microsoft Surface and the Office Ribbon

15 Sep 2008 - 4:05pm
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After taking a break for the hot summer months, IxDA Waterloo (as in
Ontario, Canada) is ready and raring to go for 2008!

We're kicking things off in style this year on September 30, by co-hosting
an event with the Infusion Angels. There'll be food, over $3000 (yes, THREE
THOUSAND DOLLARS) in prizes to be scooped, and two case studies from
Microsoft that are well worth hearing.

First, Jensen Harris will tell the story of the "Ribbon", a fairly
significant user interface innovation introduced in Office 2007. Two of IxDA
Waterloo's members, Bob BB and Henry Chen, heard Jensen deliver this
presentation a few weeks ago in San Francisco at Adaptive Path's UX Week, so
it's been well screened. <grin /> Jensen tells a good story that's worth
hearing, regardless of your feelings about the Ribbon. (And yes, fun will be
poked at Clippy.)

The Infusion Development team will then share stories and
demonstrate some of their work on Microsoft Surface. If you're
unfamiliar with Surface, stop what you're doing and check it out
*now*, because multi-touch, gestural interfaces are coming like a
freight train. Better get on board if you're an interface designer or


For more information and instructions on how to RSVP, please visit our blog



Robert Barlow-Busch
Navid Sadikali
IxDA Waterloo Co-Coordinators
uxgroup at gmail.com

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