Managing/Tracking Page Inventories

23 Sep 2008 - 11:10am
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Alex Jones

Hi all,

I'm about to begin documenting a page inventory of an existing medium-sized Web app. As I'm starting from scratch, I'd love to know which tools you use and how you organize your list of pages and interactions. In the past I've used a spreadsheet in which I grouped the pages by sections of functionality. This worked well, but I want to include interactions and design patterns, which may show up across multiple areas of the app (uploading a photo may occur in a photo gallery, a forum post or a blog post) while avoiding redundant entries.

Ultimately this doc will have the following pieces of information, though I am open to suggestions for better ways to organize and information to add or leave off:

* Sections (Forum, Blog, Gallery etc.)

* Individual pages / screens

* Interactions and modal windows (the user clicks the Upload Photo button and a modal dialog appears)

* Associated wireframes where available (name of the wireframe doc + page number or the actual wireframe)

* Associated design comps where available (not as important in the grand scheme)

And of course the easier it is to maintain, the higher the likelihood that it will be kept up to date, so efficiency tips would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Alex S. Jones | User Experience Manager
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