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26 Sep 2008 - 2:51am
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Hello folks,
In this blog entry i stumbled you can find great inspration of airport

One thing made me curious, latin, thai, arabic.. all used in similar width
or height values on these signs,
Are they all readable from every distance or is this just an aesthetic

I wonder if there is a search on this, about the readibility of different

Thanks in advance,

Yunus Tunak

Creative Lead
spacesheep interactive
Istanbul, Turkey


26 Sep 2008 - 11:05pm
Itamar Medeiros

Hello, Yunus! I don't want sound purist (sorry: this is the Graphic
Designer in me speaking!), but I'm not quite sure if what you're
asking is about READIBILITY or LEGIBILITY:

Readibility -- how easy is a block of text readable -- has to do with
how a block text is composed (layout, kerning, tracking, the style of
writing, content of the text, etc...);

Legibility -- the characteristics of letters, numbers, graphics, or
symbols that make it possible to differentiate one from the other --
has to do with how a particular font was designed, such as stroke
width and the presence or absence of serifs, the amount of white
space for each character.

In other words, legibility refers to recognition, while readability
refers to comprehension.

That being said, a lot of factors are in place, making Readibility
and Legibity playing different roles at different time: the way that
you read a magazine has as much to do with recognizing the individual
characters of a block of text as is it has with the the style of
writing and the content of the text.

When it comes to signs, I remember reading an article about a type
family that was commissioned by the US Federal Government called
"Clearview", with the specific purpose of increasing the legibility
and improve ease of recognition of road sign legends

For non-roman alphabets, and I think that there is a lot more at play
than just the recognition of each characters: being a foreigner living
in China, I'm amazed on how fast can Chinese people read hundreds of
characters, given the complexity of its design. I would say there is
something about the structure of the language itself that allows
people to easily perceive (and interpret) combination of characters.

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