re try: what is your favorite mobile/touch web site?

28 Sep 2008 - 4:21pm
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I like:
- New York Times because of good typography, everything there is so clear.
- BBC home page it resembles non-mobile site and it's easy to read
- AOL is ok, but nothing special
- because of my work I use very often we have a lot of
content, so you can find there maps, news, weather, mail etc.
- flickr is nice because it's easy to use

Actually, I use these web site I use in my PC.

What web sites find you inspiring?

Barbara Ballard-3 wrote:
> What web sites do you use on your iPhone/Opera Mobile/Pocket IE/
> Skyfire device? Which ones do you think are well designed? Why?
> I'm not looking for design recommendations here, but sites that you
> like or that inspire you.
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