JOB: Sr. Project Manager, Web & Information Portals

3 Oct 2008 - 4:08pm
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Hal Gill

Company: element^n
Job Title: Sr. Project Manager, Web & Information Portals
Company Description: Think Big. Innovate. Dream. Founded in 2001, element^n
is an innovative Lebanese web technology and e^services company.
Bringing the spirit of Silicon Valley to the heart of Beirut, element^n is
about doing things better than they've ever been done before. Anywhere.
Our core technology: AutoformsTM - A scalable, integrated web content
management platform for SaaS, WebRAD and enterprise portals and intranets.
Our approach to services: Strategic and business consulting, enterprise
information architecture, UE & UCD, Web 2.0 and portal solutions
Our customers: regional and global, including telecoms, investment banks,
real estate developers and US dotcom startups.
Mediocrity is boring. What really makes us tick is greatness. And the people
make the company. We are defined by the quality of our work, domain
expertise and global standards of professionalism. When you join element^n
you are joining a growing team of professionals who are striving together to
reach their personal and collective best.
We are seeking top talent. A personalized career development path, ongoing
internal skills development programs and one-on-one mentoring will keep it
developing. If you think you've got what it takes to be a trend setter at
element^n, tell us why at contact at
Pay: $42,000 - $60,000 Per Year
Pay Description: base salary (excluding bonus)
Job Description: Our Web Project Managers are responsible for delivering web
solutions that ignite the imagination and capture people's hearts and minds.
As part of the Professional Services team, the web project manager works
closely with our clients to take large scale web initiatives such as
Corporate Web Portals and Enterprise Intranets from conception to completion
ensuring that every phase of the project lifecycle is planned and managed
according our trademark methodology, PortalElements™, and that the original
vision is translated through every stage of the project.
In this role you will:
• Travel frequently to the client site, in MENA and the US (at least 2
• Collect and analyze customer and user requirements
• Plan, monitor and control projects
• Collect, review, edit, create and publish content
• Train clients and new hires on the use of solutions and analysis
• Assist in the creation of company processes, methodologies and templates
• Prepare commercial offers

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