The end run between visual designers and software developers

4 Oct 2008 - 5:47pm
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paul turner


end run: (2nd sense) an evasive trick or maneuver

SCENARIO: Now that I'm approaching the one-year mark on a contract as an interaction designer who had to go from low-fidelity to so-called high-fidelity prototypes on a B-to-C application, I'd like to offer the following advice.

ADVICE: Plead with the non-designer leader of a broadly-defined design team that you communicate with and get widgets and other visual-design items from the appropriate creative/visual design person or department.

AVOIDED ALTERNATIVE: At a pre-beta meeting, the deus-ex-machina visual designer stipulates any number of visual design changes that vary considerably from your so-called high-fidelity design. The prompting was a C-level occupier, in response to a muted red hue in a GUI.

WHY IS THIS ADVICE IMPORTANT: Any number of declared and hidden stakeholders (including upper management) may be looking at your so-called high-fidelity prototypes before the visual designer hits the fan and you're blindsided.

Yours in the increments,

Paul Turner
Interaction Designer

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