Future Interaction: The application of IxD to science fiction

20 Oct 2008 - 4:21am
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Mike Bennett

> This discussion can be two-fold: What devices and interfaces do you
> find memorable from sci-fi you've read/seen? And/or how do you think
> some of these ideas, or even some of your own ideas, could end up
> being.
> In other words, what do you love and how do you think it should
> function.

There's a great list (1686 of them) of future inventions by sci-fi
authors at Technovelgy.com's Grab Bag:

If you haven't already read it I strongly recommend Charles Stross'
freely available Accelerando (http://www.accelerando.org/) - its
bursting at the seams with future interfaces and conceptual technology
for human enrichment.

Yep - another big fan of sci-fi fan stores here.

- Mike

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