NYC Interaction Design Studio Event Kudos!

22 Oct 2008 - 9:30pm
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A standing ovation goes to everyone involved in last Thursday's sold-out
Second Annual Interaction Design Studio:

- talented leader-facilitators Liya Zheng and Jeanine Harriman

- generous host Roundarch (particularly the lion-hearted Victor Lombardi,
who also contributed thoughtfully to the critique and blogged about the

- esteemed and inventive attendees

- the tireless team of IxDA local leaders whose volunteer organizing efforts
made this event possible

Our evening kicked off with pizza and salad, courtesy of our thoughtful
host. (Victor later remarked it was probably the largest pizza order he's
ever placed. Thank you Roundarch -- we love NY pizza.) Then, once
post-workday sustenance was underway, the group of 35 participants broke up
into small groups and the real fun began. Everyone was given the same
project design brief, along with a post-it pad and colored markers. With
only 45 minutes to complete their design task, everyone set off to work. The
remainder if the evening was filled with each group's presentations, fueled
in part by Peter March's homemade chocolate chip cookies. In critique and
discussion facilitated by Liya and Jeanine, we analyzed process, methods,
and collaboration -- as a group. It was a great evening of learning and
inspiration from each other, and a good time was had by all.

Special thanks goes to our photographer, new IxDA volunteer Riddhima Shelat,
for photo documentation:

Roundarch blog post:

Victor's blog post:

Special Note: The community response to this event was very high and we want
you to know we heard you. We are looking to program more hands-on events in
2009. If you have ideas, facilitators to suggest or nominate, or can
volunteer a good host space, please email us at nyc.ixda at

See you next time, on Thursday, November 20, when the ever-witty Will Evans
will present "Built For Conversation: The Interaction Design of Social Media
Networks" -- hosted by HUGE. Details and registration coming out shortly!

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