24 Oct 2008 - 7:08am
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Kimberly Byers

Do you understand how branding affects interaction and communication?
Do you strive to create and build designs that are not only aesthetically attractive but also usable and accessible?
Do you believe one can balance the needs of the business (high-conversion) and the customer (meeting expectations)?
Do you understand how to visually engage customers through persuasion and emotion?
Are passionate about your work and the industry, naturally seeking out new knowledge and researching new technologies?

Tamar is unique in offering a comprehensive search conversion strategy. Designers, as a member of the Experience Design team, are integral to Tamar in achieving their current and future successes.

We're looking for someone who is excited by the work we're doing in
conversion design and is looking for something more than just another
web design role. We directly maximise results for our clients with our
work and get our hands dirty with handcoded HTML and CSS.

Main Focus of the Job

* To assist in the overall design of websites; both from scratch, and of updates on our ongoing clients
* To assist with HTML and CSS coding of templates for new sites and updates on ongoing clients.
* Liaise with project manager, developers and other designers to make sure projects come in on time and on budget.
Main Responsibilities
* Designing look and feel ideas for new build websites,
using design knowledge, sensibility and pertinent research into
business sector of client.
* Designing page designs for all significant pages of new build websites and making amends requested by the client.
* Assisting with:
* Documentation of site design
* Creation of visual and content style guide
* Creation of template files for production of graphics, including slicing and optimising images
* Assisting with producing design briefs in collaboration.
* Working within the defined project management processes.
* Assisting with preparing design work for client pitches.
* Build HTML for site, including:

* Using style sheets to position elements and style content of site
* Building sites to all standards of accessibility compliance
* Making sure sites pass required standards by validating CSS, HTML, and use of accessibility tools.
* Input into site reviews for pitches to new clients.
* Keep up to date on current best practice in web design and coding.Send CV's and cover letter to:
Kim.byers at


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