[Announcement] Web Navigation Design Workshop - Early Bird Price Ends Oct 31

25 Oct 2008 - 8:18am
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Jim Kalbach


Just a friendly reminder that there's only one week left for the early
bird price for my one-day workshop in New York City on Tuesday
November 25: "Web Navigation Design."

See the brief course description below, or for more details and to
register, see the course webpage:

James Kalbach

Web Navigation Design - Optimizing the User Experience of Your Website
This day-long class covers principles of web navigation and methods of
navigation design with practical examples and exercises. Participants
should have some experience creating or maintaining websites and are
looking to deepen their design skills. This includes graphic
designers, web masters, usability experts, and beginning to
intermediate information architects.

Course Description
Web navigation design is the systematic organization of links to
provide access to information and to make meaningful associations. But
the navigation designer doesn't just create a row of tabs and links:
He or she balances a range of factors into a cohesive system that
support the goals of the site and of visitors. Navigation design is a
craft that blends skills and talents from different areas.
This workshop offers a fresh look at a fundamental topic in creating
web sites: navigation design. It will offer you insight and practical
advice for approaching a range of navigation design problems. Through
a mix of theory and practical exercises you will become familiar with
a range of principles and techniques for optimizing your site's

Topics Covered
1. Solving the right problem
2. Principles of navigation
3. Navigation mechanisms and types of navigation
4. Page types and page layout
5. Cores and paths

After this class, you will be able to…
1. Understand and apply basic principles of web navigation in your work
2. Recognize different mechanisms and types of navigation, as well as
different page types
3. Apply current methods of navigation design for page layout and
creating a unified navigation system


25 Oct 2008 - 8:26am

FYI Folks -

If you live or work in NYC - go to this workshop. If you can't make it, buy
the book. this might come off sounding a bit snarky - but if you haven't
bought and read the book - you are doing a huge disservice to yourself, your
employer or your clients because you probably shouldn't be let anywhere near
a web project without delving into this fine book. This is completely IMHO -
but even for an old goat like myself that has been doing this since medieval
times - it was very useful, insightful, informative.

~ will

"Where you innovate, how you innovate,
and what you innovate are design problems"

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