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26 Oct 2008 - 3:33pm
7 years ago
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Jeff Howard

There's a new e-mail option for discussion list subscribers that some
of you may be interested in.

Members can now subscribe to "new thread notifications" in order to
receive only the first post of each new thread. This option will
result in much less e-mail than the full subscription. Subscribers
should receive around five to ten new messages each day as opposed to
the 70-80 that would normally pile up from the discussion list. At
the same time, it's a little more frequent than the thread digests,
so members can keep a closer watch on the zeitgeist of the list from
their inbox.

Like the digests, new thread notifications will include a link in
every message to the precise thread on the website so members can
follow the conversation there. For members who prefer to interact
through e-mail you can still reply to these messages; they work just
like the regular e-mail subscription. You'll simply receive a lower
volume of e-mail.

If you'd like to try it out, head to your profile on the IxDA website
and choose "Edit Profile/Subscription" at the top of the page.

Under your subscription options you can choose between full e-mail,
thread digests or new thread notifications (or unsubscribe from e-
mail delivery entirely). Select an option and then update.

As always, feedback/critique on the new option is encouraged.

// jeff


31 Oct 2008 - 12:09pm
Paul Eisen


Thanks are due to you and all those who made this subscription option
possible. My email client was flooded with IxDA chatter. This is the
perfect solution.

Paul Eisen

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