CALL FOR PAPER: aaate 2009 conference

27 Oct 2008 - 11:03am
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Maria De Monte



For those
of you interested in e-Inclusion, Design for All/Universal Design, here is an
event that will take place in Florence Italy, in summer 2009.


Few topics:

Technological innovation in Assistive Technology;The need for interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary
approaches to the development of integrated solutions;The contribution of Assistive Technology and
Design for All towards inclusion;Equipment interconnectivity and compatibility,
covering hardware, software and wireless, to favor integrated solutions to
inclusion;The need for standardization (formal, informal
and de facto);Cultural aspects: e.g. acceptance of different
approaches, designs and aesthetics of AT devices and inclusive living
environments, high tech versus low tech, creative solutions for complex
problems;Social aspects: penetration of AT and integrated
approaches, the role of Europe in building up inclusion competence in
emerging and developing countries, etc.;Technology transfer, towards not only AT
industry, but also mainstream industry.

more info, please refer to

Further discussion are very welcome!!! :-)


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