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28 Oct 2008 - 1:17pm
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Jerome Ryckborst

A sensor that recognises subvocalization?!

My Google search, define:subvocalize, gives only 2 def'ns:

- Articulate without making audible sounds; "she was reading to herself and merely subvocalized"
- To form words or statements in thought and express them inwardly without uttering them aloud

So: either this tablet can read lips or read thoughts.

Is this a hoax?

-=- Jerome

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28 Oct 2008 - 1:26pm

I recently saw an piece on the Discovery Channel regarding this
technology. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the show or
when it was on, except "a week or so ago". But essentially, here's
how it works, in a nutshell:

They (the scientists) discovered that when a person is speaking, his
jaw emits electric signals that differentiate between the different
words he or she is saying.

Then, they discovered that you don't have to be speaking, and merely
have to say what you mean silently to yourself (in your head) to emit
those electric signals.

Then, they figured out how to pick up those signals with a diode
attached in the right place beneath the chin and neck.

Once they had all that, they had the workings of a telepathic
transmitter. Most likely, that's where this concept came from.

I think the show was "NextWorld" or that New Zealand show about
future technology...

-- Bryan

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