CHANGES in your definition, use or perception of UX/UE design this year?

30 Oct 2008 - 12:37am
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michael cummigns

Hello List Members,

Have your notions of what user experience design (UXD) is, or should
be, evolved this year? How are thought leaders--Norman, Garrett,
Morville et al--defining UXD / UED differently than, say, a year or
two ago, that you've heard (blogs, conferences, etc.)?

To be precise, I'm not requesting for a definition of UXD. These I'm
quite familiar with. I am just surveying to see how UX professionals
on this list think of and perceive it differently now, than this time
last year, or even, say, since you first read The Elements of User

If you reply please include source attribution of any quotes, if

Thank you!
Michael Cummings

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