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31 Oct 2008 - 10:07pm
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Joanne Weaver

Who said they didn't walk on water? Not me.

I will play in this little betting game u have started Will. Whoever gives me an unretouched photo of Will walking on water gets a signed (by me) copy of the dead sea scrolls. Game on!

Ps who won? + r u sure they won?

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INTERACTION DESIGNER, illustrious "Top 5 Innovative Company 2008",
visa assistance. UX recruiter (JWG)

We have a winner. 8:04pm
Runner up @ 8:52pm, Both EST.

As soon as we can ascertain that neither was directly involved with the
company or the recruiter, we can award the book.

Thanks for those that played - and Joanne - while "one of the most
rockin'..." isn't exactly hyperbole in the technical sense - it was a bit
over the top. At least you didn't say the client walks on water and parts
red seas in their spare time. Only I do that.

- Will

>>> You know I'm not prone to hyperbole. So when I say that this client is
>>> absolutely **one of the most rockin' clients out there**, you know I'm
>>> steering you right. Truly one of the most sought-after companies by
>>> jobseekers around the globe, this world-famous client is a leader of
>>> the pack in terms of illustrious recognition and awards, is deemed by
>>> a respected industry publication in 2008 as being in the Top 5 of the
>>> "Most Innovative Companies", and contains within its ranks 550+
>>> employees spread across 8 different global studios in the USA, Europe,
>>> and Asia from a variety of different backgrounds, perspectives, and
>>> areas of expertise.
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