Keely's(sp?) Model (was Experience design vs interac tion design)

8 Nov 2004 - 6:40am
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Narey, Kevin

Any takers on a Keely's(sp?) model discussion?

For those not familiar with it and on the basis that my ASCII art skills are
strictly limited, I'll attempt to explain what it is....

Keely's model is a triangle representing a hypothetical 'product'.
Each side of the triangle is labelled with the following:

Capability (Engineering)
Viability (Business)
Desirability (Design)

I interpreted the hypothesis to be "a successful product comprises the
following..." The model is further used to show the relative maturity
present of the above three components in major organisations (FTSE 100 etc).

In referring to this model I have been able to engage with senior management
as it helped them realise that a third of their product's make-up was
largely missing... ;)

/** Name war alert starts **/

>My opinion is that "it is time we re-label the field [...] into User

Given the mention of Keely's model in Cooper's 'Inmates' and
Cooper/Reimann's About Face 2.0, was 'Product Desirability Designer' ever
considered in the naming stakes? Just a thought....

/** Name war alert continues......sorry Dave **/



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8 Nov 2004 - 2:19pm

Narey, Kevin:

> Capability (Engineering)
> Viability (Business)
> Desirability (Design)


Engineering should be involved in, well, engineering the product. not its
capabilities. That's prime design responsibility. This limits design to look
and feel, which is why the rest of the universe thinks of designers as pixel
pushers. I'm a designer: I solve problems.

Nullius in Verba

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