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19 Nov 2008 - 10:56am
7 years ago
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Tomas Garcia Ferrari


Knowing that this is maybe inapropiated, I couldn't find another way
of asking.

I am subscribed to the IxDA Digest. Therefore, I receive threads of
messages. Whenever I want to participate by sending a message with
the form at the bottom of the thread (on the website not by e-mail)
I’ve got this:

> Your post has been placed in the queue for moderation

I recognized that “to ensure that new subscribers have not subscribed
solely to spam the list, our list administrators moderate the first
few posts from each new subscriber.” But it's the third message that
I’ve sent and none of them passed through (without any explanation).
Am I being so innapropiated, off-topic, you-name-it…? (by the way:
It’s an irony, I’m not getting angry…).

I’m just getting bored of using my time trying to participate,
replying with thoughts and ideas and get stop in the moderation queue

Kind regards,

Tomás García Ferrari

tgf at


22 Nov 2008 - 12:05pm
Josh Seiden


Sometimes it takes our moderators a little while to clear the queue.
I'm sorry that you're frustrated, but our moderators are all
volunteers. Please understand that they are all doing their best to
keep this discussion running smoothly...

Folks--if you have concerns about the operation of the list, please
send mail to lists at Please do not post those concerns here.


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