In search of remote UX professionals

19 Nov 2008 - 1:35pm
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Tony Tulathimutte

We're looking for remote user research experts for our upcoming book with
Rosenfeld Media, titled, shockingly, "Remote Research." Are you handy with
UserVue, Keynote, WebEx, UserZoom, OptimalSort, or MindCanvas (RIP)? If
you've had any experience designing and conducting remote research projects
of either the moderated or automated variety, we'd love to know who you are.
So far we know of these folks:

* Tom Tullis, Bill Albert, Donna Tedesco (working on their automated
research book)
* Rashmi Sinha (creator of Mindcanvas)
* Gavin Lew (User Centric)
* Susan Fowler and Carol Farnsworth (Keynote)
* Alfonso de la Nuez (UserZoom)
* You(?)

We're trying to get a sense of the whole remote UX community, so if you fit
the bill, let us know!

For more info on our remote research book, RSS updates, blog postings, etc,
check out the official site:

(If you have no idea what I'm talking about, learn about remote UX research


Tony Tulathimutte

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