How do you keep track of suggested changes tointeraction designs?

20 Nov 2008 - 11:17am
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Mike Padgett

Don't all laugh, but my best friend in these circumstances is a wall.

I like to use walls, as big as possible. Size totally matters. If you have an office that gives you the kind of space you need and the kinds of colleagues that won't mind your special take on interior decoration, then you might find it really useful to map the interface to a wall, annotating it with notelets or whatever else works. I use A1 standard paper in landscape (recycled of course!).

This all started because, like many folks, I often use a wall to do labelling exercises. Eventually I worked with a client whose project manager was fascinated by the idea of 'defacing' a grey office wall and asked me to continue the project on the wall after the labelling task. So I did. And since then it's become a common part of my process.

Developers, designers, the business, they all just pop in when I'm there (or absent, if they're shy) and leave their comments on the wall.

If they want to talk about their ideas, we stand at the wall (because standing meetings are Scrum-friendly) and use a marker pen as a mouse pointer. The whole effect is sort of like doing lifesize prototype testing :-) And then when it comes to documentation, I simply take a lot of photos of the wall!

Walls are great. Just ask Shirley Valentine.


Mike Padgett

>It is not a great solution, but we keep it all in our internal wiki
>Mostly it is just minor changes to existing product interfaces.
>We keep one page for each change with comments below the main page.
>When we have multiple versions of the same design, the original is
>usually posted in the main page, and changes in the comments below.
>Luckily Confluence supports threaded comments and autogenerates
>thumbnails of the posted images.
>As I said, it is not a great solution, but it is a functioning
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