petition to Omni: graffle based prototyping tool

20 Nov 2008 - 11:48am
7 years ago
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Henning Grote


I am an UX Designer and much of my work gets done in OmniGraffle. What I
really would love to see is an app, that would extend Graffles wireframes
into animated and interactive prototypes. I am thinking of something like
Axure with all the polish and ease-of-use the Mac OS X Platform and Omni
software products can deliver.

An app like this could/should include killer features like:
- define a site structure / navigational structure
- assign wireframes to site structure elements
- define clickpaths (for demo / presentation)
- pattern library
- user defined modules
- item catalog / inventory export to different file formats (spreadsheet,
word processing)
- make objects clickable
- option to define transistions / animations of elements

If you are an Interaction or UX Designer or a Usability Professional and
would like to see an app like this or if you have some more ideas about an
app like this, please add your name and a comment to this thread.

:) Henning Grote


21 Nov 2008 - 4:47am
Danny Hope

2008/11/20 Henning Grote <henning.grote at>:
> - pattern library

This is the only part of you idea which I don't like.

I would not want to start a pattern library in a mac-only, non-web
based format. It's vital to me that people can get to their pattern
libraries easily and without special reader software.

Objects in OmniPrototype would have a link attribute (like Graffle
objects do) to your pattern library (which in turn could provide
Prototype templates for you to use).

If these prototype files could be nested dynamically inside other
prototype files then, when one gets updates, the others do too.

Certainly an inspiring idea.

Off to add my name to the petition.

Danny Hope
07595 226 792

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