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10 Nov 2004 - 7:09pm
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Proof that stuff still happens in the U.K.:


Useful? Usable? Attractive?

Nullius in Verba


10 Nov 2004 - 8:22pm

> <>
> Useful? Usable? Attractive?

"Hello, hello... I'm at a place called Vertigo" :)

But seriously... it's a cool idea, but it is limited to applications
where taking up the user's complete visual attention is not an issue.

Those interested in related work on pen-based input for small-screen
devices may want to check out the work of Shumin Zhai (crossing-based
interfaces, ATOMIK, and most recently SHARK):



Dmitry Nekrasovski

11 Nov 2004 - 5:29am
Paul Adams

Very interesting idea but problems with error recovery - it's a very slow
process if you want to 'scroll' backwards [right to left] - and visually

Also, what if I've written something 3 sentences long and want to change the
second sentence - do I have to delete the third sentence? Not an efficient
process... Although I have big problems with keypad entry on current mobile
devices, it is more flexible and forgiving.


Paul Adams
User Experience Consultant

12 Nov 2004 - 6:06am
Vanessa Wolfe-Coote

I saw this demonstrated at a recent seminar on HCI and Accessibility in
Education. After getting over the initial motion sickness as the adept
demonstrator flew through Dasher at a rate of around 35 words a minute,
I was truly astonished at how effective an alternative to input this
might be.

He demontrated its use with a breather mouse, foot mouse, head mouse;
showed studies of operating Dasher simply through eye tracking. I was
suitably impressed by how many people with a range of disabilities might
benefit from using it.


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