ANN: Remote Research book underway (Bolt & Tulathimutte)

21 Nov 2008 - 11:39am
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Louis Rosenfeld

(apologies for cross-posting)
*Bolt | Peters' *Nate Bolt* and *Tony Tulathimutte* have begun work on a new
Rosenfeld Media book, *Remote
*It's a fantastic topic; UX people are already grappling with the impact of
technology on user research, but there's not been much published on the
topic. We hope this book will help plug the gap and provide invaluable
guidance to UX practitioners of all stripes.

We hope you'll engage with Nate and Tony via their book's site and
Here's the elevator pitch:
* *Remote user research* describes any research method that allows you to
observe, interview, or get feedback from users while they're at a distance,
in their "native environment" (at their desk, in their home or office) doing
their own tasks. Remote studies allow you to recruit quickly, cheaply, and
immediately, and give you the opportunity to observe users as they behave
naturally in their own environment, on their own time. Our book will teach
you how to design and conduct remote research studies, top-to-bottom, with
little more than a phone and a laptop.

...and here's how to keep up with their progress:

Visit the book-in-progress *site*:
Subscribe to the *RSS feed*:
*Be notified* when the book is available for sale:

Please spread the word; thanks!


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21 Nov 2008 - 11:52am
Ali Naqvi

NICE! Something I have been waiting for.

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