Ethnological researches and automated remote user testing is it enough ?

21 Nov 2008 - 5:34pm
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Laurent Jacobs

Hello everybody,

I followed your discussion for a while but I have never entered in the
arena! (maybe because I'm not sure enough of my English writing...)

I heard some people in the Web conception talking about the end of the
traditional user testing. They prefer to use automated remote user testing
that give them a quantitative report of users' clicks and navigations for
the tasks that they gave to the users.
This technique come from the idea that we don't have to listen users'
comments but to see users' behaviors. To complete the informations of this
kind of tests, they do ethnological researches before the project. These
researches are based on the user's behavior again and not on the user's

In the context of the Web site (and not in the online or outline software
production), it seems appropriate for me. However, I don't have enough
experiences with user testing to really get all the little things that I
could miss with the video of users' faces or the hidden thing in the users'

What do you think about this process ? Is it efficient ? Or they miss a lot
of things ?

Thanks for all your clues !

Laurent Jacobs
Twitter : LoXD
User Experience Designer (junior)
Montreal, QC

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