[Event] An Arctic UX conference that will contribute to peace?

27 Nov 2008 - 10:33am
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Jostein Magnussen

Hi there!

We know you are interested in User Experience. But, have you ever wondered:

· How YOU can contribute to world peace?

· Why the UX conferences have to be so passive and similar?

· How the best UX companies do their job, and if you can beat them at designing great User Experiences?

· What the Arctic island of Svalbard at 78° North looks like?

Visit www.uxchallenge.com as the first step to get a once in a lifetime experience and at the same time be part of something bigger.

Warm regards from the cold north,

Andreas, Lillian, Even, Synve and Jostein

The UX challenge team

>From NetLife Research, Oslo, Norway

www.netliferesearch.com <http://www.netliferesearch.com>

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