20/20 Segment

8 Dec 2003 - 10:46am
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Janet M. Six


What did everyone think about the 20/20 segment on assembling toys
and the posted responses on abcnews.com? (There is a nice summary of
the story at the 20/20 website if you missed it.)

I thought the segment was interesting and a good step in educating
the public that the consequences of bad design are not their fault. I
really believe that the K'Nex representative really thinks that a
frustrated public would contact them about assembly issues. We have so
much PR work (as a field) to do!! The tone of many responses on
abcnews.com surprised me -- maybe its not a good idea to go after such a
popular product as K'Nex.

There might be some interesting lessons in this as we also try to
educate the public about good vs. bad design.

Janet Six
Owner -- Lone Star Interface Design

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