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9 Dec 2008 - 4:43pm
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Ariel Partners, an IT Consulting and Business Solutions firm in NYC is
currently seeking to engage a Designer(s) to redesign their Website and
for Design of an Application Development tool.

The initiative would not require on site work; only periodic meetings in
midtown offices to incorporate input and content from principals and
ongoing communication and coordination throughout the process. Project
will work on an hourly rate and Designer need not work full time. More
interested in overall result in a reasonable deliberate time frame as
opposed to rapid roll out.

Referrals welcomed

Designing for two internal projects: a website redesign and a new web
application. Web application interface should look and feel like a
cross between web 2.0 (such as facebook) and an excel spreadsheet.

Design beautiful web 2.0 high fidelity html interfaces. Ideal candidate
will be very familiar with the web 2.0 paradigm and understand what can
be done and what cannot be done, and how web 2.0 applications generally

Artist should have experience with and work natively in DreamWeaver or
similar HTML -output tool. Emphasis is on aesthetics via CSS and nice
graphic images in addition to Wireframes/Design layout. AJAX or
JavaScript, not required but a helpful plus. Experience with CSS
preferred. Behavior not required. HTML hand coding not required.

Goal is to enhance look and feel with provocative design. Design the
interface for new application.

Ariel Partners is building a graphics library of high quality glossy
PhotoShop and illustrator images and archives large volumes of high
quality copy including introductions, whitepapers, and backgrounders.
Appropriate selections to be incorporated.

Requires a Web Designer capable of putting together a redesign,
assimilating library of the images and content, incorporate branding
concepts and create:
· A"skin" for the new site
· A set of storyboards
· Overall theme
· Identify holes, places where we are missing images, content etc.

This will be a complex lengthy effort that will require regular meetings
spaced out over a protracted period to accommodate competing priorities
and existing schedules; warranting a phased roll out approach. The
strategy would be to define overall theme and layout; then incrementally
implement aesthetic improvements to establish framework.

This would be followed by 1 or 2 subsequent phases of improvements and

The site also needs to have an iphone optimized version; automatically
redirected to . So two versions of the website
are actually required

An in-house development product also needs to be developed, and a
designer is needed to provide high fidelity HTML mockups and work with
the team as the design evolves.

Interested and qualified candidates may submit resume/bio and online
portfolio url or samples for review by replying to this email or
emailing directly to: recruiting at

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